Only as Fun as the People You're With

Newly Weds & Anniversaries

Celebrate the love of your life, with the adventure of your life! Schedule an ATV Tour in Eldorado Canyon, or grab a swimsuit and a jet-ski and hit the lake! Make your special day as special as your love with Above All.
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Bachelor Parties

Our guided tours are the best “dirty fun” you can have on an ATV! Into something a little more rustic? Saddle up for one of our Horseback Riding Tours, and spend your big day like a real cowboy.
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Bachelorette Parties

Show the boys who’s boss! Spend your girl’s day out cruising through the desert on our easy-to-operate ATVs, or catching some air with one of our jet-ski rentals! There’s no such thing as “boy toys”!
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Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday to you! Celebrate your special day on one of our ATV Tours, one of our Sunset Horseback Riding Tours, or spend the day at the lake with our jet-ski or boat rentals! Spend your day, your way.
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Corporate Group Events

Get out of the office and explore the great outdoors with us! Take a guided ATV Tour or rent our watercraft for a great way to unwind from the hustle and bustle.
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Family Tours

Get some quality time with the kids on our Eldorado Canyon Tour, our Horseback Riding Tours, or spend a day of “fun in the sun” with our jet-ski or boat rentals! Make your precious memories even more precious with Above All.
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Private Tours

Looking for a solitary getaway?Take a private guided ATV Tour and slip away into a unique and peaceful off-roading world of fun and adventure on beautiful scenic trails of the Eldorado Canyon with Above All.
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Repeat Customers

The only thing we love more than our customers, is our repeat customers! We want to thank you for your loyal repeated business by offering a discount every visit. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again!
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Wedding Parties

For the Adventurous Bride and Groom! Make your wedding truly memorable by hosting your wedding party on the scenic trails of Eldorado Canyon or Valley of Fire! Your photographer is always welcome to ride for free with our Polaris Ranger, to get those awesome memory-making photos that will last a lifetime. ATVs a little too rugged? You are sure to get some beautiful wedding photos on our Red Rock Canyon Horseback Riding Tour. Celebrate your special day with us!
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Meet the Staff

We would like to introduce ourselves and our staff to show you a little bit more about us, so you know who you are doing business with. We want you to be as excited to meet us, as we are to meet you!
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Our Office Inside and Out

Just a little sneak preview of our location, so you know what to expect when you pay us a visit at Above All!
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Our Equipment

Just a small sample of our equipment, so you know what you are getting on your ATV Tour or Rental with Above All. We offer well-maintained and easy-to-operate equipment for your riding pleasure. Ride at our site, or take them to your own favorite riding spot.
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ATV Tour Packages

Get your ride on! Come play in our outdoor playground at Eldorado Canyon, Mt. Charleston or Valley of Fire. We have tour packages to fit your itinerary and your budget. Experience the thrill of off-roading in the Nevada Desert with our professional tour guides. Get amazing pictures and make great memories!
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Jet-Ski & Boat Rentals

Look at all the fun you can have with our watercraft rentals at Above All! We offer well-maintained and easy-to-operate watercraft for your “fun in the sun” at Lake Mead or beyond.
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Horseback Riding Tours

Come see the “other side of Vegas” on horseback, through the majestic scenery of the Red Rock Canyon on a morning rim ride or beautiful sunset ride. Experience the wild West- cowboy style!
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Zip Line Tours

Come and experience the thrill of our Zip Line tour as you soar from the top of Red Mountain in Bootleg Canyon Park to the mountain base on Nevada’s first ever zip-line adventure.
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We hope you enjoy our photos. If you would like to see more, we invite you to visit our Facebook Page, where we are always adding new photos taken by us and photos shared by our customers, showing what a great time they had with Above All! We also encourage you to share your photos after your tour or rental with us. Thank you and we hope to see you soon!