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Guided ATV Tours

Guided Tours for Everyone

We are the ONLY ATV Tour Company in Nevada to allow children ages 6 And up
Thanks to our easy to operate Yamaha Grizzly 90cc and Yamaha Grizzly 125cc ATVs, nobody needs to be left out of the fun.

We’re a family owned business, and understand nobody wants to feel left out. With Las Vegas becoming more and more family-friendly, it’s becoming easier to find things on The Strip to do – but it’s still difficult to find things to do away from the bright lights and loud noises.
Our 90cc and 125cc ATVs are smaller, easier to control and built for children and adults that might not feel comfortable with the larger, more powerful models ATV tour companies tend to focus on (we’re guilty of this too from time to time!).

We offer these ATVs on request at no additional cost on our tours, when available. Please call us to make your request today!

If you don’t feel comfortable riding an ATV or having your little one ride an ATV you can Upgrade to our Polaris Ranger SidexSide UTV. You can still have a great time and take in the scenic beauty of our tour, worry free! Be sure to discuss this with us when you call to book your tour.


6 Person Minimum

Full-day Tour

A Day at Mt. Charleston, the rugged mountain adventure 45 minutes away from the heart of Las Vegas.


2 Person Minimum

Two Hours of Fun

  • Just enough riding to have fun, but won’t leave you exhausted the rest of your trip.


4 Person Minimum

4-5 Hours

  • A Day in the Valley of Fire - Beautiful scenery and a rich history. A new service offering, available now.

This Could Be You!

You could be here!

Eldorado Canyon

Mt. Charleston

Valley of Fire