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ATV Rentals

Honda & Suzuki 250cc

$114.95 - 3 Hours 
$149.95 - Full Day

Our most popular, and best-priced ATV can be yours with our rental options.

Our most frequent rental, with a great balance of power, ease of use, price and versatility.

$300 refundable Damage Deposit

Honda & Suzuki 250cc

Our best-priced offering, Honda TRX 250cc and Suzuki LTZ 250cc models are the best all-around option, with a great blend of power and off-road suspension mixed with the ease of use of an automatic and semi-automatic transmission, these are the most popular and voted peoples choice.

3.5 Gallon fuel capacity.
Payload Capacity: 275 pounds maximum (rider+cargo).

Polaris Trail Boss 330cc

$134.95 - 3 Hours 
$174.95 - Full Day

Be the Boss of your own trail with this reliable, powerful ATV.

A favorite of ATV fans, the Polaris Trail Boss 330cc ATV is a great option for anyone needing a bit more kick than our standard offerings.

$300 refundable Damage Deposit

Polaris Trail Boss 330cc

  • Powerful Air-Cooled 4-Stroke Engine
  • Automatic Transmission With Forward, Neutral, and Reverse
  • Lock & Ride Front and Rear Steel Racks (75 lbs. in front; 125 lbs. in rear)
  • Four Gallon Gas Tank
  • Payload Capacity (combined rider plus cargo): 415 pounds (188kg)
  • Towing Capacity: 850 pounds (385.6kg)

The Polaris Trail Boss 330cc ATV has power to spare and a suspension built to take it. Trails, soft-packed sand and mud are handled with equal ease, and with enough power to tow lesser beings out of trouble. This is one of the most popular Quads out there, and you’ll easily see why when you rent ours.

Yamaha Grizzly (Kiddie Quad)

$79.95 - 3 Hours 
$99.95 - Full Day

90cc and 125cc ATVs available for beginners, children and smaller riders.

A great option for groups with smaller riders - The 90cc and 125cc Grizzly are easy to control and manage by beginners or smaller riders.

$300 refundable Damage Deposit

Yamaha Grizzly (Kiddie Quad)

Our 90cc and 125cc ATVs are smaller, easier to control and built for children and adults that might not feel comfortable with the larger, more powerful models ATV tour companies tend to focus on (we’re guilty of this too from time to time!).

We offer the Grizzly at no extra charge on our guided tours, and at great rental rates too.

Polaris Ranger UTV-2 Seater

$274.95 - 3 Hours 
$349.95 - Full Day

Side-by-Side seating for two passengers, and massive cargo capacity.

This UTV is a popular choice for hunting, family outings, or when you need its cargo capacity to haul equipment or supplies somewhere off the beaten path.

$1000 refundable Damage Deposit

Polaris Ranger UTV- 2 Seater

Our Polaris Ranger XP 4×4 was built to tackle the rugged terrain and harsh climate of the Mojave Desert, and now you can rent one yourself. Sight-seeing with the family, venturing across rocky terrain or loading up with gear for hunting season, the Ranger XP has the capacity, power and stability to answer any challenge.

We have great pricing on short-term rentals of this powerful 4×4, so call now to reserve your dates!

Seating for up to 3 – If you’re friendly.
1500 Pound Payload Capacity
9 Gallon Gas Tank

Dirtbikes coming soon!

Just a Sample of Our ATV Rentals

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